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About the company

The Company «Permrezinotehnika» is 20 years. This is one of the most prominent names in the market, and rubber products of asbestos of Perm. «Permrezinotehnika» offers the widest product range of rubber and asbestos products developed by its own production performs a wide variety, including custom, orders. Among the suppliers of the company – rubber technical products and asbestos technical products plants «Quartus» (Kazan), «UZEMIK» (Ufa), «Ural» (Solikamsk), Limited Liability Company  «Uralelastotehnika,» Yaroslavsky, Circassian, and Saransk rubber plants, as well as foreign companies. All products supplied provided the necessary certificates and passports of quality.
Today, more than 2000 enterprises of Perm and Perm region chosen constant cooperation with the commercial enterprise is industrial «Permrezinotehnika», and the number of clients is steadily growing with time. In many ways, this choice is important due to the corporate standard of the company — an individual approach to any partner, whether a small business or an industrial giant. «Permrezinotehnika» does everything that relations with buyers were not only mutually advantageous, but also the most comfortable for the client.  The organization offers short term performance of applications, delivery of goods to the warehouse  of the buyer, the system of discounts and deferred payment, comprehensive expert advice on matters relating to the acquisition of rubber and asbestos products, special conditions for wholesale buyers.  It allows customers focusing on the clients «Permrezinotehnika» confidence in such large enterprises as the commercial enterprise is industrial «Chemical fertilizers «,  «Saturn-P » and «Urban infrastructure of Prikamye».

Our company is ready to accept your partnership offers.

Growing in the volume of products supplied, the constant supply of new activities only confirm the reliability of the «Permrezinotehnika» and its strong position in the market. The staff of active and competent professionals ensures rapid development and supports the standards of the company at the highest level.
For 20 years, the «Permrezinotehnika»  firmly holds the top position in the list of suppliers of industrial rubber products the edge. Understanding that the welfare of the company consists of prosperity of its clients, the company provides the confidence of partners, competitiveness,  sustainable growth.